Treatment Room

Welcome to our self treatment room.

Here you will find a range of services which you can self-refer to in most instances without needing to speak with a member of the practice’s clinical team before hand. These services are available, in most instances, through other organisations which we work closely with in Somerset.

Pharmacists are an incredibly valued member of our team within health care.

The NHS website gives a whole range of the services which can be offered by speaking to a pharmacist. They highlight that Pharmacists are qualified health professionals, having trained for 5 years in the use of medicines as well as in managing minor illnesses and providing health and well being advice.

Pharmacists can offer over the counter medications as well as clinical advice for a number of minor illnesses, including coughs, colds, sore throats, flu, ear ache, cystitis, skin rashes, teething, tummy trouble, constipation, allergies, IBS, red eye/ sore eyes and aches and pains. You can phone your pharmacy to see if they can help with your concern before making the journey to see them, or walk in and be seen – you do not need an appointment.

If symptoms suggest it’s something more serious, pharmacists have the right training to make sure you get the help you need. For example they will tell you if you need to see our Primary Care Practitioner (PCP). A number of pharmacies are open until late and at weekends and have a private consultation room where you can discuss issues with pharmacy staff without being overheard.

Local Pharmacies

Boots Chard- 01460 63114
Lloyds, Holyrood Street, Chard – 01460 63089
Lloyds Brookside, Chard – 01460 63051

Boots, Ilminster- 01460 52648
Minster Pharmacy, Ilminster – 01460 52712

South Petherton
South Petherton Pharmacy (late night pharmacy)– 01460 242269
Boots, South Petherton – 01460 240430

Boots, Crewkerne- 01460 72310
Day Lewis Pharmacy- 01460 72781
All problem with your teeth, or any dental related mouth or gum concerns should be presented to your Dentist. Dentists are trained highly in the management of teeth and gum concerns and will be able to diagnose and provide any treatment necessary and will be able to advise what to do in an emergency. Your Dentist will then be able to advise if you need to contact the medical practice for any further assistance.

If you need support with a dental emergency in an evening or at a weekend there are a number of steps you can take
– Phone your dentist. Most dentists have an answer phone message which will advise what emergency options they have available.
– Phone 111 – if you do not have a dentist, or your dentist does not have an answerphone service. NHS 111 will be able to support you in finding an out of hours dental service near you.
– Contact a pharmacist for pain relief advice.
– Visit a local MIU.
Visiting an optician should be your first step for any emergency or routine eye problems. Opticians are the experts in eye care and therefore all eye problems should in the first instance be presented to an optician who will advise if you need to visit your medical practice.

If you are worried you have, or are developing, an eye infection a pharmacist would be able to treat this and to advise any medication which you may need.

For emergency eye problems please see the box below.
Acute Community Eyecare Services for Somerset (ACES).

ACES is a free service available to all patients registered with a Somerset GP. The service is designed for the assessment and treatment of recently occurring medical eye conditions by local optometrists. To find out more and to access this service please click here.
Talking therapies can be accessed through Somerset Partnership’s mental health services – click here find out more about the services they provide and complete a self referral form on their website
Mind in Somerset have a range of services throughout the county which you can self refer to. Click here for the map showing locations or here for the self referral form.
Please click here to access Somerset Social Services website for a range of contact information for their various services.
If you are worried about the safety of a child or an adult please contact Somerset County Council on 0300 123 2224 (daily including weekends and public holidays).

More information can be found by clicking here

Tawstock Medical Centre’s Safeguarding lead is Dr Sutcliffe and admin support is Heather Gosden.

If you are worried about somebody who is being abused and need advice, or you yourself are experiencing domestic abuse, download the app Bright Sky on either Android or IOS for disguised access to help and support.
Please click here to visit the website of the Somerset Wide Sexual Health Services (SWISH) and to self refer into their services.
Visit Smoke Free Life Somerset by clicking here to access free proven support to help you quit and begin your own smoke free life.
For information about support with hospital transport please click here.
Chard Hospital Minor Injuries Unit is open seven days a week 08:00 – 21:00 (last patient admitted at 20:30). They are able to see patients with minor injuries and conditions which need urgent treatment.

For more information please visit Chard Minor Injuries Website.

Dietitian referrals can only be completed through Tawstock Medical Centre, however there are a number of resources and information online including dietary advice and information leaflets. Please click here to visit Somerset Partnership’s website and to find out more about the resources they offer.

Dietetics- Webinars

New in 2019 are a number of webinars developed by professionals which cover a range of topics. The aim of the webinars is to enable all people to have quick and easy access to reliable information from qualified health professionals. Webinars are available covering IBS (including low FODMAP diet), coeliac disease, IBD – crohns and colitis, advice for children aged  0-18 years and adult food allergy advice.
Please use 0300 790 6839 to contact the Chard health visitor, or email the service on Please click here for more information on the services provided by the health visitors.
Please click here to visit Somerset Partnerships website, Somerset Partnership offer further physiotherapy information/leaflets as well as self help support.

Please contact the reception team if you need to be referred to a physio and they can support you in accessing this service.  
The IRT service is available to all adults who are finding it hard to carry out everyday activities through Somerset Partnership. Please see the IRT website for more information
The Intensive Dementia Support Service (IDSS) through Somerset Partnership provide intensive support for dementia patients during a period of crisis. Patients can be referred via nursing/ residential home, Older Persons Community Health Team (CMHTs), Allied Mental Health Professionals (AMHP), Psychiatrist, District Nurse, Community Hospitals, adult crisis/home treatment teams and Somerset Partnership inpatient mental health wards. If you do not have access to any of these professionals and are in a period of crisis with a dementia patient then please contact Tawstock reception team for a referral to this service.

For more information click here.