Flu Vaccinations

If you are over 65 years of age or are on the at risk register (ie those with asthma, heart conditions, chronic obstructive airways disease, kidney problems, stroke, high BMI or diabetes) you will be offered a flu vaccination. If you are pregnant, a carer or a Health Care Worker you are eligible to be vaccinated. Flu vaccinations are usually available from October. Please speak to the receptionist for more information.

Shingles Vaccinations

Shingles vaccine eligibility for 70 – 78 year old. Please click here for more information.


Appointments will be sent to children and teenagers from the Health Authority for their routine immunisations. Parents will be asked to provide written consent for their child to be immunised. Without consent the Practice Nurse may be unwilling to give the vaccination.  

Travel Vaccinations

Please speak to the reception team for more information on travel vaccinations and what we offer at TMC.

For information on travel vaccinations please visit